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what zoning regulations apply. You’ll also need to consider such important details as adequate parking, waste disposal, accommodations for delivery services, and the cost of home modifications. 9. FACILITIES SUPPORT SERVICES 31% Wherever there’s a business establishment, there’s an opportunity to provide such essential facilities support services as cleaning or maintenance work, security assistance, trash disposal, laundry services, and much more. Some businesses handle these needs themselves. But tremendous numbers either farm them out or count on building management companies to provide them. Turnover of these services, however, is not infrequent since business managers or their employees are often unhappy with the support services they get. Here’s where an ambitious home-based entrepreneur with a lean overhead can find his or her opportunity to move in. 10. OTHER INFORMATION SERVICES 31% This listing includes news syndicates, libraries and archives, and other information services. While the first two categories can be ruled out for home businesspeople, the third is wide open. In this “Information Age,” what do people need more than information? Notice the number of research services that are in business and the multitude of websites that offer inducements in exchange for information. With a good computer, a talent for searching the Internet, and knowledge of where to find the things that people want to know, you can run Continued on page 24 Interior and industrial designers clients not only need skilled help in improving the ambiance of their homes or businesses, but they may also need help in creating more spacious, economical and practical environments for their needs. January/February 2012 | Home Business ® 23

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