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H H O O M M E E B B U U S S I I N N E E S S S S E 245+ HOME-BASED BUSINESS START-UPS. GET STARTED TODAY! Home-Based Business & Opportunity Magazine Sex y! p Start-U Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd With These Attractive, Tantalizing, and Eye-Catching Techniques. – Pg. 14 ® June 2014 SPECIAL ISSUE MORE Start-Ups! 50+ Stimulating Home-Based Biz’s to Start Now. – Pg. 22 Direct Sales Generate $5K Monthly Part-Time. Fitness $$$: Personal Trainer Revolutionizes the At-Home Workout. Want to Know the Real Cost of Starting a Business? Matthew McConaughey Success-Building Interview with Golden Globe and Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey. Follow his advice. – Pg. 20 “Makeup Mogul”: Woman’s Perseverance and Hard Work Yield a Successful Makeup Line. www.homebusinessmag.com

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