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H H O O M M E E B B U U S S I I N N E E S S S S E SPECIAL FORECAST ISSUE 225+ HOME-BASED BUSINESS START-UPS. GET STARTED TODAY! Home-Based Business & Opportunity Magazine ® December 2013 M oney-Making Trends 2014 Miley C Mil Cyrus: Her Business Tips, New Album, Reinventing Herself (at Age 20!), Creating Buzz, and Conquering Social Media! — Pg. 20 START-UPS: 50+ Cutting-Edge Biz’s for 2014. $100K Potential! MOM-PRENEUR: Mom Invents Profi t-Generating Baby Product. BIZ EXPO: World’s Largest Directory of Home-Based Biz’s. HOBBY TO BUSINESS: Man Generates $75K with Hobby. FRANCHISE WEALTH: Home Improvement Biz Generates $50K in 6 Months. www.homebusinessmag.com

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