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H O M E B U S I N E S S 225+ HOME-BASED BUSINESSES YOUR BIZ NEEDS A BLOG! ® Home-Based Business & Opportunity Magazine DECEMBER 2012 2013 START-UP PROFIT GUIDE H t Ho Ho ome-Ba sed Busine ss i dea s, B In nnova tion s & Latest Tren ds . L Plus: 55+ Hot Home-Based Start-Ups Directory. ...PLUS: ➤ The Secrets on QR Codes Marketing. ➤ Strategies to Collect Unpaid Debts. ➤ 11 Fears Holding You Back in Business and Life. ➤ Entrepreneur's Online Training Business BOOMS! Courtesy of JJ Ramberg MSNBC's "Your Business" JJ Ramberg on What Works (and What Doesn't)! Light Entrepreneurial Fires Success Story: $ $$$ $$ In Natural Remedies.

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