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H O M E B U S I N E S S 55+ LOW COST BIZ'S LINKEDIN MARKETING SECRETS ® Home-Based H B d Bi Business & Ot Opportunity it M Magazine i AUGUST AU G U S T2 2012 012 SUCCESS PROFILES Millionaires Next Door! Learn Their Success Secrets to Start & Grow Your Business! — Pg. 14 SPECIAL SUCCESS ISSUE ...PLUS: ➤ SELLING is a Contact Sport ➤ How to Start an Online Used Book Store ➤ Home Offi ce Productivity Stedman Graham Talks About Creating Your Identity to Bolster Success. — Pg. 24 Green-Preneurs Financier Mompreneur E-Commerce Publisher Niche-Preneur Networking Business Services Coach Courtesy of Stedman Graham Social Media 245+ HOME-BASED BUSINESSES INSIDE! Get Started Today.

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