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// SUCCESS PROFILE // TESTIMONIAL “We love the Monkey Bar system. I spent most of the weekend looking at the open space now available on our garage floor.” -Michael and Carolyn “The movable hooks and hanging bars are a true engineering miracle!” -K.M., Holly Springs, NC // TESTIMONIAL “So innovative, fabulous idea, very efficient use of space. This is the most efficient use of garage space I have ever seen!” -Dr. Dennis D., Boise, ID MONKEY BAR STORAGE THE BAR HAS BEEN RAISED “We gained and unprecedented amount of space in our garage.” -Mike, Austin, TX // DEALER PROFILE “My initial investment was recouped within three to four months. I have been treated like family from the first contact with the company until now. We have a one-of-a-kind product that’s affordably priced and the mar-ket potential is huge.” -Henry L. I n 1999, engineer and entrepreneur Jared Newman faced a dilemma common to millions of homeowners, “What good is a two car garage if I can’t fit two cars into it?” After researching the current solutions on the market he discovered a void in the marketplace for affordable garage products that could efficiently separate long term storage items from items that are used frequently, while allowing a garage to serve in its primary function....Store Cars! What started out as a quest to design and consult and install the product at a reasonable price, they also help organize and hang up customer’s storage items on the system at no additional cost! It’s little wonder that 30% of dealers’ business comes from customer referrals. By providing a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service, dealers throughout the nation have seen tremendous growth despite turbulent economic times. Homeowners are staying // DURABLE SYSTEM “dealers throughout the nation have seen tremendous growth despite turbulent economic times.” implement a solution for Jared’s own garage has blossomed into an incredibly successful organization with over 80 dealers throughout North America. Thousands of homeowners have already reclaimed their garages by integrating a Monkey Bar Storage solution in their garage. At the peak of the economy just a few short years ago, it was not uncommon to hear of rapidly growing companies, especially in the home improvement sector. However, unlike many competitors that counted on second mortgages to fix and improve their customers’ homes, Monkey Bar Storage focused on a product and service that homeowners typically invest under $1,800 to implement-a fraction of the price of competing solutions. Not only do dealers in their homes longer and making do with what they have, which consequently has positively impacted the growth of Monkey Bars Storage. One challenge the organization faces is fulfilling demand in areas unrepresented with dealers. With a one time low cost investment, dealers are given an initial inventory, three days of training with Jared Newman and his team, and an exclusive territory to market and represent the growing brand. Dealers have enjoyed representing the product without paying royalties or any ongoing fees. Over the last year more than 34 dealers have been added. Before long any consumer will have a dealer within close proximity to help them reclaim their garage. ADVERTISEMENT CONTACT : Monkey Bar Storage 343 E 4th N Ste 245 Rexburg, ID 83440 {P} 208.356.8820 {E} info@MonkeyBarStorage.com www.MonkeyBarStorage.com

Monkey Bar Storage

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